Our mission is to make agriculture convenient for everyone

Why We Exist

500 million smallholder farmers across the world (including Nigeria) produce most of the food consumed but face challenges like inadequate access to inputs,  low productivity, weak market linkages, and high vulnerability to climate change. 

If current trends in the world continue, the amount of food grown will feed only half of the world in 2050 as food demands will be 60% greater than it is today.

“Changing course is critical – business as usual is no longer an option. If food and agricultural systems remain on their current path, the evidence points to a future characterized by persistent food insecurity and unsustainable economic growth.”

FAO, The Future of Food and Agriculture

Afrimash is determined to use technology to change this trend.

#1 Online Destination For Farmers

Here is our approach to making enough good food available ...

Digital Procurement Platform for Farmers

We connect farmers to quality inputs quickly & conveniently using digital tools and also build their digital identities so they can have better access to financial support.

Digital Advisory for Farmers

We give farmers easy access to consultants via mobile channels or online to improve their productivity. We also run monthly webinars for farmers to learn best practices for their farms.

Market Linkage Platform for Farmers

We connect farmers to quality offtakers through the Internet. This gives visibility to their products.

Updates and Announcements

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  • The Noble Profession August 9, 2022
    Although a noble profession, veterinary medicine has not always had the public exposure it has now in Nigeria. Generally, it was difficult to break ground as a vet. doctor in Nigeria outside the academic scene. Especially with only elites and high class keeping pets, and non-experts in charge of livestock management. Over the years, a […]
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    Poultry production involves the husbandry of poultry birds. It involves a series of activities of rearing birds like chicken, turkey, quail, guinea fowl, and ducks for the purpose of meat, egg or sale. These varying level of production differs in terms of cost of production, stock size, labour intensity, method of production, equipment used and […]
  • Day Old Pullets Vs POL: Which Is Better For Egg Production? July 27, 2022
    Egg production is significant to the poultry industry, and getting the right birds is a critical concern for many reasons. Many factors or reasons that affect egg production include the quality of the feed, the quantity of the feed, the amount of water consumed, duration of light exposure and the intensity, disease, parasite infestation, and […]
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Poultry Needs Beak Trimming June 28, 2022
    Debeaking is a term in poultry that refers to the act of reducing the length of a bird’s beak,especially layers and turkey for several reasons. It is also called poultry beak trimming or beakconditioning. In poultry, there is a term called pecking order which is the basic pattern of socialorganization within a flock of poultry […]

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We cater for farmers across the 36 states in Nigeria. Our trained shopping assistants also ensure our farmers enjoy seamless experience.


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